Hair Color 317 is the only permanent hair dye that broke all beauty records, winner of the Guinness World Record for the number of people dyed.

Is a developed formula with the most delicate components, which allow you to give your hair unforgettable colors with maximum intensity and care. The line has a variety of color fixatives, which allow to solve tone absorption problems in gray hair and unruly hair, making the coloration uniform and even.

317 Colors

  • Commitment

    We are committed to excellence in quality. All of our products are manufactured in FDA compliant facilities ensuring best practices and high quality results.

  • Export Markets and Sales Volume

    Uruguay (40%), Colombia (15%)

    Bolivia (15%), Costa Rica (5%)

    Panamá (10%),Chile (5%)

    Paraguay (5%) and EEUU (5%)

  • Production

    Production Capacity 10.000.000

    pieces per year

    -Easy to use at-home color application

    -Manufacturing under GMP standards

    -More than 60 years of international experience